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Moments in Time - 

Memories of East Vancouver

Stories connect us across generations of people.  Do you have strong memories of the past?  Do certain sights or smells transport you back in time?  How do you share your stories and connect them to the present time?

Moments in Time – Memories of East Vancouver is a book about being a child of the 1970’s and 80’s and living in East Vancouver.  The watercolour images capture fading memories of the joyful and colourful sights and smells of neighbourhoods in East Vancouver. 

Meet Sandip

Author and Elementary School Teacher

Sandip Sodhi is a children’s book author and an elementary school teacher in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. She has been teaching kids from the ages of

5 -13 for more than 25 years.


Currently, Sandip is working as a Teacher-Librarian and finds joy in working with all of the students in her school. She encourages children to look for and value the learning that occurs in life’s lessons.


Kids will enjoy reading this hilarious lesson, and parents will be chuckling too!

"I liked the multicultural representation in this book. My children were able to relate to the characters."

- Kuljit

"We all loved this book! My daughters, ages 7 and 4, were so amused. I loved how the way the author taught lessons in a funny and relatable way for kids."

- Jessika

"My daughters and I loved the book! Hilarious, entertaining and meaningful. Excellent read for elementary school kids and teachers."

- Sim

Peace Arch News 

Classroom mischief enlivens South Surrey author’s children’s fable.Sandip Sodhi creates a memorable debut with Ms. Chievus in the Classroom

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice

There is nothing quite like a child discovering the joy of readhing. It is with such gratitude that we thank the loverly Sandy Sodhi for creating the book Ms. Chievius in the Classroom...

Community News

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