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About the Author

Sandip Sodhi is a children’s book author and an elementary school teacher in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. She’s been teaching kids from the ages of 5 -13 for more than 25 years. Currently, Sandip is a  Teacher-Librarian and loves working with all of the students in her school.

Sandip Sodhi

Sandip encourages children to look for and to value the learning that occurs in life’s lessons. She is very keen on using picture books to help children identify with virtues that are inherent in us all. Sandip considers herself to be a lifelong learner and teaches children about having a growth mindset and to keep on learning.

Children need to see themselves in the books they read and in the stories that they hear. They need to be able to identify with characters that have characteristics and experiences with which they can connect. As a child of the 1970’s and living in East Vancouver, Sandip, a British born, Sikh girl with immigrant parents from Punjab, India, did not have this experience.  Sandip’s books are about inclusivity and showcase diversity.


Sandip is fond of and encourages laughter wherever she goes. She lives in Surrey, BC with her husband and daughter, both of whom keep her laughing. If she’s not writing or reading, Sandip loves to play fun pranks, go for walks by the ocean, travel, and connect with family and friends.



I am forever grateful to have had wonderful parents. Both mom and dad were loving, resilient, brave, and hard-working.

My mom was a very creative and witty person and my dad had a great sense of humour and loved the simple things in life.


Thank you, both, for giving us a wonderful life filled with sweet memories. You will forever be in my heart and I hope to carry on your positivity! 

~ Sandip

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